Progressive Qurbani: Affordable Sacrifice with Empowerment Values

Progressive Qurbani from Global Qurban offers affordable Qurbani prices and economic empowerment for workers in the Waqf-Based Livestock Barns.

Progressive Qurbani.
Progressive Qurbani animals’ quality is guaranteed as they are well prepared at the Waqf-Based Livestock Barn. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA Eid ul-Adha has just passed, but the wish to perform Qurbani for the next year can be fulfilled starting from now on through Progressive Qurbani program by Global Qurban. Not only makes it easier to sacrifice earlier, but Progressive Qurbani also offers attractive prices to the donors.

The earlier you buy Qurbani animals, the cheaper the price. In September, the price of Qurbani animals is starting from IDR 1.85 Million and will continue to rise each month. Approximately, in July 2022, the cheapest price will be IDR 2.3 Million.

Currently, Qurbani animals that have been purchased by the donors are being prepared at the Waqf-Based Livestock Barn in Cintabodas Village, Culamega District, Tasikmalaya Regency. Muhammad Supriyadi from the Global Wakaf-ACT Team explains that the treatment will continue until Eid ul-Adha. "Therefore, we will continue to maintain the livestock quality that has been mandated by the donors," said Supriyadi on Tuesday (9/7/2021). 

The process of maintaining Qurbani animals involves surrounding residents. There are 65 employees in the Waqf-Based Livestock Barn and 35 daily workers. All of them have their own role ranging from taking care of livestock to maintaining the elephant grassland to be feed to the livestock.

“The breeders have been educated, trained, and monitored by the experts. Hence, we do not only provide the sacrificial aspect, but also economic empowerment for the community," explained Supriyadi.

Ruri Majid is one of the donors who entrusted his Qurbani to Progressive Qurbani program. The Tasikmalaya resident has even performed Progressive Qurbani more than once. According to Ruri, performing Qurbani in Global Qurban is the right decision.

Alhamdulillah, my neighborhood is prosperous enough. There is abundant meat available during Qurbani. Through Global Qurban, we hope for our Qurbani to be enjoyed by other brothers and sisters who rarely eat meat,” explained Ruri.

For the benefactors who want to participate in Progressive Qurbani program, they can access Global Qurban official website and follow the instructions to perform Qurbani. In addition to the official website, the donors can also directly contact the nearest branch of Global Qurban-ACT.[]