Prolonged Covid-19 Pandemic Brings Difficulties to Daily Workers

In almost everywhere, daily workers have to face the impacts of the prolonged pandemic. In Madiun for example, daily workers that were met by ACT admitted that their economic conditions were deteriorating.

Subroto works as a street clown in Madiun.
Subroto works as a street clown in Madiun. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MADIUN – Ahead of two years of the pandemic, the lives of Indonesian people have been greatly affected. This is what Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) discovered since the first time this deadly virus officially entered Indonesia in 2020. Not only in the health sector, but the virus also affects almost all aspects of life, including education and the economy.

Jumadi (72) for example, the duster seller on Jalan Jawa, Madiun City admits that his income continues to decline. Even before the pandemic, his financial condition is already difficult, now, it’s worsened during the pandemic that forces all activities to be restricted.

“Even before the pandemic, my business is already lack of buyers, and now, it’s worsened with no buyers at all,” said Jumadi in early August.

Similar to Jumadi, a deteriorating financial condition during the pandemic is also felt by Subroto (70). The elderly man who previously sold sugar cane now has to become a street clown around the intersection of Jalan MT Haryono, Madiun City. Subroto started to work as a street clown when he sold his ice cane cart to treat his sick wife. However, after his wife passed away, the pandemic difficulties welcomed him, making him work as a clown on the street in his old age.

“There is no other choice, better than being unemployed and have no income,” said the man who currently stays at his neighbor’s veranda.

The struggle of Jumadi and Subroto is only a few parts of the great economic impacts caused by the pandemic on daily workers. Not only in Madiun, but ACT also found similar things in various regions.[]

Subroto or familiar as Mbah Badit receives a food package from Free Food Operation. Currently, Subroto wants to start a business again to revive his economic condition. (ACTNews)