Providing Access to Quality Cheap Food

ACT launched a Cheap Food Operation program. This program aims to provide access to cheap quality food. Currently, the action has spread to various regions.

MRI Malang
MRI Malang volunteer (second from left) helps residents bring food packages from Cheap Food Operations. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA, CIMAHI, LHOKSEUMAWE, MALANG – Since it was officially launched last mid-October, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has continued to expand Cheap Food Operations to various regions. This step was taken as support for the return of various community activities, including education and the economy, although not yet fully as before. At this moment, Free Food Operations tries to solve people's food problems.

In Jakarta, ACT carried out a Cheap Food Operation program in various areas. One of them is in Al-Insan Mosque, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Thursday (10/21/2021). The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) supported this program. The beneficiaries of this program were impoverished people whose economy has also been affected by the pandemic and trying to bounce back.

"We (South Jakarta MUI) welcome the Cheap Food Operation program and hope that this program can be sustainable. We will use the fund to give to other people in need. It is what is called sustainable. Insha Allah, the reward will continue to flow, "said KH. Abdul Hadi, General Secretary of MUI South Jakarta.

Cheap Food Operations aims to help the community's economy, which is gradually returning to normal. By paying half the price, people whose economy is starting to improve can access the best food at the best price.

Not only in Jakarta but ACT also carried out Cheap Food Operation in Cimahi, West Java. Various partners such as Social Services, Mosque Youth Organizations, Communities, and Companies that care about humanitarian issues, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, supported this program.

ACT Malang also held a Cheap Food Operation, Sunday (10/24/2021). This program with the concept of helping each other was held for the first time in Malang at the Tholabie Islamic Boarding School, Buring, Kedungkandang. ACT team sold rice, sugar, cooking oil, flour, and other necessities at half price.

Iqrok Wahyu Perdana, Branch Manager of ACT Malang, says Cheap Food Operations is one solution to the difficulty of accessing cheap food of the best quality for underprivileged residents. Not only that, this program is a chance to help each other.

“For those who want to buy at full price, they can. Later, all the funds will be used to subsidize our other people in need," explained Iqrok.

Not only in Java but Cheap Food Operations also extends to Bireuen, Sumatra. Many people redeemed dozens of food packages at half price.[]