Providing Beneficial Clean Water Source to Waled Asem Village

Waled Asem Village in Waled District, Cirebon Regency, is a village that often experiences drought. During dry season, the locals have to go to the river for clean water. The lack of clean water also hampers the learning activities at Baitul Mukhlisin Islamic boarding school.

The students take pictures with representatives of Islamic boarding schools and Global Wakaf - ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CIREBON - The Baitul Mukhlisin Islamic Boarding School was built recently in Block Asem Kulon RT 02 RW 01 Waled Asem Village, Waled District, Cirebon Regency in 2020. However, this newly-built pesantren immediately attracted the attention of the local community. In its first year, it already has 105 students.

"There are only 4 schools in Waled Asem Village, only two of which are Islamic educational institution. One of them is Baitul Mukhlisin Islamic boarding school, "said Muhammad A. Tawwaba from the Global Wakaf – ACT Cirebon Program Department.

Water crisis is a prevalent problem in the area. The locals often have to go to the river for water during dry season. This makes it difficult for the students at the Islamic boarding school because they can’t focus on learning.

"The lack of clean water often hampers religious activities in the school, and it also badly affects the daily life of the locals. The existence of a clean water source will be something they will be very grateful about,”explained Tawwaba.

The thanksgiving ceremony during the launching of the well. (ACTNews)

For this reason, Global Wakaf – ACT built a unit of Waqf Well at the Islamic boarding school. "We hope that the construction of the well can provide a new source of water for the students and around 100 people living in the vicinity of the pesantren," said Tawwaba. The construction of the well finished on Wednesday (12/11).

Susyawan, a local living in the vicinity of the school, felt grateful for the Waqf Well. "The Waqf Well benefits not only the pesantren, but also the local residents. They no longer have to go to the river for water during dry season, "he said.

There are many other Islamic boarding schools and other educational institutions that need clean water sources and other facilities. Therefore, Tawwaba invited the community to support the actions of Global Wakaf - ACT in providing waqf-based facilities for educational institutions.

"We invite philanthropists to participate in the acts of charity that we carry out through our programs. For the Waqf Well, you it can support us by visiting Indonesia Dermawan website, or through transferring your donation to BNI Syariah account at 6600 000 685 in the name of Global Wakaf Foundation," said Tawwaba. []