Providing Health Services for Flash Flood Survivors in Batu

Humanity Medical Services has provided free health services to assist flood-hit residents in Batu City. In addition, HMS team also treated surrounding residents near the flash flood location.

Health services in Batu.
A member of ACT’s Medical team performs medical service to a flood survivor in Batu. (ACTNews/Rizki Febianto)

ACTNews, MALANG – Best assistance continues to be delivered to flood-hit residents in Batu, Malang. In the medical sector, ACT’s Humanity Medica Services came directly to the disaster location to provide free health services for the affected residents.

Emergency Medical post is built near ACT’s Public Kitchen in Sambung Hamlet, Bulukerto Village, Batu. The location is chosen due to its severe flood impact.

Melza from ACT’s Medical team explained, a total of 100 patients were treated by the HMS team on the first day (11/8/2021). “After being examined, the patients received medicines in accordance with their diseases. All of them were provided free of charge,” said Melza.