Providing Medical Assistance to Hundreds of Injured Palestinians in Gaza

Due to the high number of the injured, ACT provide medical assistance to 338 injured victims.

The aid was given to those who were injured by the Israeli attack and those who were injured in the Great Return March (GRM)

ACTNews, GAZA – Due to the recent escalation in Gaza, 35 were killed, three of them are women, and eight are children. Among the 111 injured, 20 of them are women and 46 are children, as reported by Republika.

Many kinds of supplies, including medicines and medical supplies, are not allowed to get to Gaza, making it very difficult for the sick and the injured in Gaza. Khodor Aldaraj, a conflict researcher in Gaza, told ACTNews that Gaza is now a big prison as the access to and from Gaza is severely restricted.

“If someone is ill inside Gaza, he’s basically sentenced to death. He might be saved if he receives proper medications, but they sentence him to death by not allowing medications and medical supplies to get inside Gaza," Khodor added, Thursday (11/14).

Responding to this harsh condition, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) distributed assistance in the form of medical supplies and mobility aid. The assistance was distributed from Thursday (11/14) to Sunday (11/17), to 338 beneficiaries.

Besides getting medical assistance, the victims also received cash aid. (ACTNews)

"We provided several kinds of aid to the Palestinians, such as mobility aid, baby diapers, medicines, wound cleansers, and bandages. The aid was given to those who were injured by the Israeli attack and those who were injured in the Great Return March (GRM)," said Andi Noor Faradiba from the GHR-ACT Team on Tuesday (11/19).

Every week, tens to hundreds of people are injured during the Great March of Return, including women and children who take part in the protests. Demonstrations used by Palestinians on the Gaza border were suspended last Friday. However, The Great Return March protest that is held every week at Gaza-Israel border was postponed last Friday (11/15) as decided by the Higher National Commission of the Great March of Return and Breaking of the Gaza Siege due to the recent escalation and attacks since Tuesday (11/12).

"We provide assistance from Indonesian generous benefactors to the residents of Gaza City, North Gaza, and the Shuja’iyya region. We plan to provide further assistance for the injured. We plan to provide medical assistance in a clinic in Gaza," Faradiba explained. In addition to medical assistance, ACT also provides cash aid for the victims. []