Providing Proper Housing for Lebak Flood Victims

The flood victims in Lebak have been displaced for around two months. To provide proper housing for them, ACT started the construction of ICS for them on Thursday (3/3).

Providing Proper Housing for Lebak Flood Victims' photo
Dede Abdul Rahman, Coordinator of the ICS Construction showing the design of the planned ICS complex. The construction began on Tuesday (3/3) with the groundbreaking ceremony. (ACTNews/Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, LEBAK – Hundreds of people gathered around Situ Cibodang, Sukarame Village, Sajira Subdistrict, Lebak, to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s Integrated Community Shelter (ICS), Tuesday (3/3). The attendees were residents around Situ Cibodang and residents of Kampung Somang, Sukarame, Sajira who were affected by the flash flood in early January.

Hamdani, a resident of Kampung Somang who also attended the event, said that about 70 houses were damaged by the flash flood caused by the overflow of the Ciberang River. Houses along the riverbanks were submerged in water and mud. “Somang village is now a disaster-prone zone. The residents will be relocated," he said, Tuesday (3/3).

Some villages on the banks of the Ciberang River have now become disaster-prone areas. The existence of the Karian Reservoir in Lebak makes settlements on the banks of the river prone to flooding. A relocation has been planned, but the flash flood happened before the plan was even carried out.

Prayer before laying the cornerstone of the ICS in Sajira, Lebak. As many as 52 houses will be built along with facilities like a mosque, playground, public kitchens, and restrooms. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

At the moment, dozens of houses have been destroyed. Hundreds of people were forced to evacuate. Asep Suryadi, one of the residents whose house was damaged said that a major disaster like that had never happened before. "Maybe a house is what we really need right now," he said.

ACT will build an ICS complex in Sukarame Village, Sajira SubDistrict, Lebak. As many as 52 houses will be occupied by 52 families. They are residents affected by the flash flood in Somang Village. They have been living in their relatives’ houses and in evacuation sites.

Dede Abdul Rohman, Coordinator of the ICS construction said that the residential complex in Lebak is similar to the ICS in Palu and Lombok that ACT had previously built. The complex will include other facilities, such as a 12-by-12 meter mosque, public kitchen, sanitary facilities, and a playground.

"The construction begins today and is estimated to finish in the next three to four weeks," he explained to ACTNews , Tuesday (3/3).

This ICS complex will be made as comfortable as possible by taking several factors into account, including the sloping of the land. The ground leveling for the ICS will be done using heavy equipment assisted by the local government.

Sukarame Village Head Asep Sahrudin said, residents living in ICS would be accompanied for economic recovery. The Situ Cibodang that is located close to the ICS will be a water tourism attraction in Lebak. "This location will be developed as a center of water tourism. Residents, especially those living in ICS will be able to independently improve their economic conditions by utilizing the existing local potential, "Asep explained. []


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