Providing Qurbani Meat for Tasikmalaya Residents in Remote Area

For many years, residents in one of the villages in Purwarahayu, Taraju, had not been able to enjoy the Qurbani meat. Global Qurban provided Qurbani meat for them amid the pandemic.

Children in Tasikmalaya
Children in Tasikmalaya Regency receive Qurbani meat. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA REGENCY – Amid many restrictions, generosity can overcome many obstacles. Based on this reason, Global Qurban-ACT provided Qurbani animals to communities in many regions throughout Indonesia, including Tasikmalaya Regency. Many people in the southern part of West Java rarely enjoy Qurbani meat.

One of the hamlets in Purwarahayu Village, Taraju, was one of the locations of distribution of Qurbani meat from benefactors through Global Qurban-ACT. For the past few years, in this village, the residents had not been able to taste the Qurbani meat.

“Here, the Qurbani was carried out three years ago. There was only one Qurbani goat that must be shared among all residents. There were Qurbani in a neighboring village, but we didn't get any meat," said Ade, one of the residents, Thursday (7/22/2021).

However, this year’s Qurbani was different. The residents there could taste Qurbani meat again. Gratitude and warm welcome came from the residents to MRI volunteers and Global Qurban-ACT team who visited.

Alhamdulillah, I got Qurbani meat. Global Qurban team provided Qurbani cows. We are very grateful because the residents here can taste Qurbani meat again," added Ade.

During the slaughter and distribution of meat, Global Qurban team followed health protocols. Qurbani meat was distributed to seven sub-districts in Tasikmalaya Regency. The Coordinator of the Global Qurban-ACT Program in Tasikmalaya Regency, Diki Zakaria, said that the team carried out an initial assessment to determine the distribution location so that it was right on target.

"One of the assessment points to determine the location of this meat distribution is the economic condition of the residents," explained Diki.[]