Providing Sanitary Facilities for Baliak Bukik Residents

Despite its rich natural resources, residents of Baliak Bukik Hamlet, Lengayang District, Pesisir Selatan Regency, still lack facilities, including proper toilets.

The children of the Baliak Bukik Hamlet in front of the Waqf Well that had just been built. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PESISIR SELATAN - Baliak Bukik Hamlet, Tampunik Village, Kenagarian Kambang Timur, Lengayang District, Pesisir Selatan Regency is an area with abundant natural resources. The land is so fertile and suitable for cultivating rice and other plantations like rubber and oil palm.

 There is also a river in the village with plenty of clean water that bring benefits to the locals. Many of them build fish ponds using water from the river.

However, although natural resources and water are abundant, the residents of Baliak Bukik Hamlet still don’t have enough facilities in their neighborhood. They don’t even have adequate sanitary facilities. Many of them still use simple toilets made of woven bamboo walls.

"The people in Dusun Baliak Bukiak do not yet have adequate toilets. To take the water from the river, they use pipes made of bamboo tubes or small hoses. The water discharge is quite low,” said M. Roosli Silalahi from ACT West Sumatra Program Department.

One of the simple toilets Baliak Bukik Hamlet. (ACTNews)

To fulfill the locals’ need for proper toilets, Global Wakaf - ACT West Sumatra built a Waqf Well and toilets in Baliak Bukik Hamlet. The Waqf Well is located at Al-Fatih Hifz Institute under the auspices of ACT West Sumatera. Hopefully, the well can also be used to support the activities at Al-Fatih Institute.

"Hopefully, it will benefit everyone, including 65 students at Al-Fatih Instute and 35 families within its vicinity," said Roosli.

The construction of the Waqf Well began in August 2019. The borehole well along with toilets and pipelines were ready for use on Thursday (8/20). Roosli hoped that there will be more and more generous people who will support the construction of public toilets like those in Baliak Bukik Hamlet.

"Of course there are many more areas that need clean water and sanitary facilities like in Baliak Bukik Hamlet. Therefore, we invite all generous philanthropists to contribute to the Waqf Well program through the Indonesia Dermawan website, or through the BNI Syariah account number 101 0000 400 in the name of the Global Wakaf Foundation, "said Roosli. [