Psychosocial Support for Fire Victims in Gunung Polisi, Balikpapan

After the fire, affected residents are still waiting for support. Apart from food and other basic needs, psychosocial support is also needed, especially for children.

Entertainment for fire victims in East Kalimantan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BALIKPAPAN – The fire has been raging in Gunung Polisi, Balikpapan settlements for more than a week. Nonetheless, the disaster's grief lingers on the affected victims. They are now attempting to rebuild what has already been destroyed by fire.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia in East Kalimantan is also still assisting by providing humanitarian assistance. Aside from that, ACT and MRI team also gave psychosocial support.

Last week, ACT and MRI volunteers, collaborated with Pecinta Tanaman Peduli Balikpapan, SDIT Istiqamah YPAITB, Barras Kitchen, Pangeran Mantau, Karang Taruna Teluk Lasongko, Bareh Solok, Kampung Dongeng, and Komunitas Super Hero, held an event to entertain children. The team expected disaster-affected children would smile again and gradually forget about the incident with the help of psychosocial support.

According to Arif from the Super Hero community, psychosocial support is critical, especially for children. The reason is that they have recently become victims of a disaster, and it is feared that their mentality is not prepared to accept it.

"We can share positive energy for our friends and relatives who are currently being affected by a disaster," he said, referring to ACT and other communities.

 A large fire destroyed a residential area in Gunung Polisi, Balikpapan and nothing remains from this incident. Affected residents, who lost their homes from the previous fire, survived by erecting makeshift shelters with tarpaulin roofs.[]