PT Heonz Royal Jaya Distributes Samyang Noodles to Residents through ACT Bekasi

A total of 2,000 packages of the Korean spicy noodle, Samyang were distributed by PT Heonz Royal Jaya to the community through ACT Bekasi. The assistance was welcomed enthusiastically by the beneficiaries.

Samyang distribution.
One of the Samyang noodle recipients from PT Heonz Royal Jaya through ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI – This October, a multinational company called PT Heonz Royal Jaya submitted assistance in a form of a Korean spicy noodle product, Samyang to Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Bekasi. A total of 2,000 packages of the instant noodle were distributed for free to the surrounding residents.

ACT asked hundreds of residents to taste the delicious Korean spicy noodle. The action was carried out in various locations including Mustika Jaya, East Bekasi. Branch Manager of ACT Bekasi, Rizky Renanda said that the distribution of Samyang noodle from PT Heonz Royal Jaya has been expanded to various regions so that people can enjoy the assistance through several ACT branches.

“The Korean spicy noodle was distributed through 20 ACT branches in West Java as an effort to expand the mandate and benefits to the community,” explained Rizky, Monday (10/25/2021).

In many cities, the Samyang noodle was received enthusiastically as many residents wanted to have a taste of the delicious meal.

“The distribution of the Samyang noodle was welcomed enthusiastically by the residents. Hopefully, what has been given by PT Heonz Royal Jaya can be beneficial to a lot of people,” Rizky concluded.[]