Qolbul Quran Islamic Boarding School Struggles to Survive Amid Frequent Flooding

In recent years, the flooding that occurs frequently in Pekalongan has severely affected Qolbul Quran Islamic Boarding School. Learning activities are often hampered, and the students are often forced to learn in evacuation points when flooding happens.

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Qolbul Quran Islamic Boarding School’s building has been eroded by the tidal flood in Pekalongan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PEKALONGAN – "This village is dark. Light it up by the verses of the Quran memorized in every house.”

Yayah always remembers this piece of advice that she got from her late parents. Motivated by these words, the mother of one decided to return home to Pekalongan and established Qolbul Quran Islamic Boarding School in Clumprit Hamlet, Degayu Village, Pekalongan. With the knowledge and experience from teaching in West Java, Yayah endeavors to educate the young generation in her village

The school was founded in 2017. Yayah rented a building to be used as dorms, and when she first moved there, the surrounding environment was still quite lush, with trees and wild greeneries around the house. Sadly, the tidal floods that occur frequently have damaged the surrounding environment.

“In the last three years, the tidal floods have gotten worse. Our school gets flooded up to four times a year, not only during the rainy season but also during the dry season when the tide flows,” she added.

When floods happen, the activities in the school are often disrupted. The 23 students often have to carry out the learning activities at the evacuation points. After the floods subside, they still have to deal with the debris and sludge left by the flooding. Often, their belongings got damaged or washed away by the flooding.

“Once when they were cleaning the building, they were terrified to find a group of snakes lurking in a corner of the building,” said Yayah.

Insufficient funds for a new building

Yayah is currently raising funds to build a new building on a patch of waqf land. They plan to construct a taller building so that it can withstand floods. Unfortunately, the funds that she raised are not enough.

Hearing about their situations, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Pekalongan branch initiated fundraising to complete the construction of the Qolbul Qur’an Islamic Boarding School. Aditya Nugraha from ACT Pekalongan Program Department said a campaign on the Indonesia Dermawan website has been launched to invite the community to take part in supporting the school.

"Our role is highly anticipated to provide the best for the next generation of this nation," said Aditya. []