Qomar's Difficult Situation Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced Ustaz Qomar to stop tutoring, closing his only source of income. Even so, Ustaz Qomar is still enthusiastic about teaching children the Quran in the mosque while relying on the remaining savings to survive.

Ustaz Qomar
Ustaz Qomar teaches the Quran to children in a mosque. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR – The Covid-19 pandemic has declined the community's economy, including Ustaz Qomar. He has no more income from tutoring due to the parents being no longer able to pay. He is still passionate about teaching the Quran even though his economy is slumped.

Ustaz Qomar is a Quran teacher at Nurul Hidayah Mosque, Kayumanis Village, Tanah Sareal District, Bogor City. He has been doing this activity for ten years. As a Quran teacher, Ustaz Qomar does not receive payment from students. 

“I am teaching the Quran to maintain the mosque and to make it a place of religious learning for children. I do it sincerely for Allah. I am happy when the children come to learn the Quran,” said Ustaz Qomar, Thursday (7/8/2021).

He used to work as a tutor for which he earned IDR 500,000 a month. However, due to the pandemic, the parents canceled the tutoring, and he lost his main income. Currently, Qomar is using his savings to cover his daily needs.

“Tutoring is closed during Covid-19, so I am unemployed. Alhamdulillah, I still have savings. I need to spend my money wisely until I have a job. I hope the pandemic will end soon," explained Qomar.

Wahyudi from the Program Team of ACT Bogor City says during the Covid-19 pandemic, many informal teachers lost their jobs. To help Ustaz Qomar and others like him, ACT provided food and financial assistance on Thursday (7/8/2021).

“Through Free Food Operation and Friend of Indonesian Muslim Preachers program, ACT wants preacher affected by the pandemic not to starve and keep fighting to spread religion. Hopefully, this assistance can ease the burden on the preachers," said Wahyudi. []