Quran Copies Become a Ramadan Gift for Muslim Children in Kenya

The development of Islam in Marsabit, Kenya, is constrained by the lack of availability of Quran copies. ACT and Global Ehsan Relief (GER) gave hundreds of Quran copies as Ramadan gifts for Muslim children in Marsabit.

Children in Kenya
Children in Kenya receive Quran copies from philanthropists. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MARSABIT – Although Muslims make up roughly 10% of Kenya's population, Kenyan Muslims desire to learn about Islam is very high. Unfortunately, the facilities does not support their enthusiasm.

According to Firdaus Guritno of ACT's Global Humanity Network, the number of Quran copies owned by families and educational institutions in the Marsabit district of Kenya is restricted. Many children desire to learn the Quran.

"Previously, Islam was the most widely practiced faith. Islam, on the other hand, is currently a minority in Kenya. It is because of the country's numerous humanitarian issues. Hunger and poverty aren't the primary issues. Muslims in the area are well aware of the religious turmoil. Due to their limited access to adequate places of worship and the lack of availability of the Quran, it is difficult to carry out this worship activity," Firdaus stated on Tuesday(4/26/2022).

ACT and Global Ehsan Relief (GER) distributed 500 Quran copies to Muslim children in Marsabit as Ramadan presents. It is believed that with this assistance, these children will be able to read and learn the Quran with ease.

When the children received the Quran copies as a present, they were delighted. They rolled up the Quran copies above their heads to express their pleasure and appreciation.

Furthermore, Firdaus stated that the Quran copy provided was in excellent quality, assisting adults who wished to learn to read the Quran. "Because not only children but also some people cannot read the Quran. It is due to the difficulty of composing verses in shabby, difficult-to-read manuscripts," he stated []