Quran Distribution Supports Quran Schools in Gambia

Quran copy distribution aims to support Gambian children in learning, memorizing, and understanding the Quran.

Gambian children receive Quran aid. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAMBIA - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) recently distributed 500 copies of the Quran to Quran schools in Gambia. The distribution took place from February 11 to March 2, 2021.

Five Quran schools received new Quran copies: Al Noor Quran School in Vajikanda, Ibnu Abbas Quran School in Joswan, Ibn Taimiyah Quran Center in Taland, Ubay bin Kaab, the Tahfidz Alqurann Center in Kanda, and Sumayyah Institute for Islamic Literacy in Kanda.

Amir Firdausi from ACT’s Global Humanity Response reported that the Quran copies are expected to be used by children in Gambia to learn the, memorize, and understand the Quran better. "These Quran copies can benefit the community for the next few years," said Amir.

"Alhamdulillah, thanks to this Quran distribution, many students in various Quran education institutions can easily access quality Quran copies. May Allah bless and reward you with the best rewards. May Allah accept our good deeds, and may we all be blessed with constant goodness. Greetings from us to all benefactors and the ACT team,” said Alieu Sajer, one of the teachers at one of the schools.

Gambia is one of the Muslim-majority countries in West Africa. Nearly 90 percent of the population are Muslims. This is an advantage for Gambia to produce reliable generations of Muslims in the field of the Koran. []