Quran Students and Orphans Happy to Receive Rice Aid

ACT distributed rice for students in Darul Falah Islamic Boarding School in Sukaratu Village in Tasikmalaya Regency on Tuesday (1/9). The rice distribution benefited 200 students, some of whom are orphans.

Quran Students and Orphans Happy to Receive Rice Aid' photo
Handover of the rice to the males students of Darul Falah Islamic Boarding School. (ACTNews/Rimayanti)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – ACT – MRI Tasikmalaya team once again visited one of the Islamic boarding schools in the region to deliver rice as part of the Rice for Indonesian Santri (BERISI) program. This time, the team reached Darul Falah Islamic Boarding School located in Sukasirna Hamlet, Sukaratu Village, Sukaratu Subdistrict, Tasikmalaya Regency.

The distribution that took place on Tuesday (1/9) aimed to support the food needs of the santri considering that quite a lot of students reside in Pesantren Darul Falah. There are around 200 students in this place, and 22 of them are orphans. Their faces were glistening with happiness as they helped to unload the rice from ACT Tasikmalaya’s car.

"Alhamdulillah, today we distributed rice to around 200 students living in Darul Falah Islamic Boarding School. We, ACT Tasikmalaya are happy to see the enthusiasm of the students here. Hopefully, this assistance can help the students in their learning process, "said Muhammad Fauzi Ridwan from Tasikmalaya ACT Program Team.

Students eagerly carrying rice into the pesantren building. (ACTNews / Rimayanti)

Kiai Dede, one of the chairpersons of Darul Falah Islamic Boarding School, also expressed his happiness and gratitude for the rice assistance for his students. This rice assistance can cover the students’ needs for food for several days.

"We thank ACT for providing food aid to our students in the form of rice. Alhamdulillah, we can fulfill the food needs of all our students for the next 3-4 days," said Kiai Dede.

Rizaldi, a Darul Falah student, expressed his gratitude to the ACT Tasikmalaya Team. "I, on behalf of Darul Falah students, thank ACT. Hopefully, ACT will always succeed," hoped Rizaldi. []