Qurbani Amid Drought and Hardships

The drought that hits Bojonegoro Regency has negatively affected the residents' livelihood. But even before the drought, many of them rarely eat meat.

Qurbani Amid Drought and Hardships' photo

ACTNews, BOJONEGORO - Muhammad Heryanto works as a farmer on a rice field that belongs to others. However, he must work odd jobs now after the rice fields were dried out due to long drought. Now he works as a construction worker because the farms have become uncultivable.

"It works in construction projects now, such as the construction of roads. My job now is to break stones for building materials, "Heryanto said when Global Qurban team who delivered qurbani packages visited him last Eid Al-Adha.

The resident of Bakalan Village, Kapas Subdistrict, Bojonegoro Regency, East Java, admitted that he rarely eats meat due to his low income.

"Alhamdulillah, I am happy to get qurbani meat because I myself rarely buy meat. Sometimes it's not certain, Sometimes I got it from people that I work for. I rarely buy it myself. We usually prefer to spend the money for our children’s education, "said the father of four children.

Despite his hardships, he still managed to laugh out loud when telling about the difficulties he experiences after the drought hit his village. The drought badly affects the villagers’ livelihood, both their sources of income and the water availability for their daily activities. After the well in his house dried, now he has to take water from his neighbor's house.

"The well has dried up for two months. Now we take water from neighbors who still have it, and our neighbors are very generous, Alhamdulillah," said Heryanto, laughing.

He often goes back and forth from his house to his neighbors’ to draw water. Heryanto used a large bucket to collect water up to eight times a day. The water is usually only enough for the for bathing and laundry for one day.

This year, in areas that are experiencing drought, Global Qurban came to visit the community. Thirty goats were distributed in six villages in Bojonegoro Regency: Pacul, Kapas, Malingmati, Bunten, Njiwo, and Sugih Waras.

Besides Heryanto, many other residents experience similar difficulties. Many of them rarely eat meat even before the drought comes. One of them was Damiyati, a resident of Malingmati Village, Tambakrejo Subdistrict. Global Qurban knocked on her door and delivered a package of qurbani meat.

"I feel happy to be able to eat meat, Alhamdulillah," said Damiyati. Every day, she often only eats boiled cassava for breakfast due to her economic condition. Therefore, she was very grateful for the meat that she received.

"Usually I eat asparagus beans, pumpkins, etc. We can hardly eat meat, even just chicken meat. We usually eat meat in parties and celebrations," said Damiyati.

Once a year, she can cook meat that she receives. Earning only IDR 450 for each bundle of firewood that she sells, meat becomes an expensive luxury for the mother of four.

"Sometimes when I have some money, I buy eggs. But I can only buy two eggs. Even 250 grams of eggs are still too expensive for me," said Damiyati. []


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