Qurbani and Economic Empowerment of the Community

Qurbani is related to efforts to end poverty and economic problems. The concept of the Qurbani ecosystem is the concept of saving the economy of the people desired by religion

Ustaz Ahmad Faris
Ustaz Ahmad Faris BQ attends the launch of the Qurbani program "Labbaik, Best Qurbani" from Global Qurban -ACT in 2020. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Qurbani is related to efforts to end poverty and economic problems. Apart from worship to Allah, Qurbani is also social worship because the Qurbani animal meat will be distributed to people in need.

According to Ustaz Ahmad Faris BQ, Qurbani has a concept of helping each other and improving the people's economy. Moreover, there are many people whose economy has deteriorated amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

"During the pandemic, We have to empower the people even better. We maintain sincerity and collective enthusiasm, and creativity in charity," said Ustaz Faris.

Ustaz Faris explained, in Qurbani, many economic sectors are involved, starting from the process of purchasing Qurbani animals, the breeder, the place providing Qurbani animals, and the availability of land for Qurbani animals. These all belong to the community. This is our way to improve the people’s economy, and according to what religion commands us,” he said. 

From a wide perspective, Qurbani isn't done in a short while within a year, but actually, it's already performed during the whole year. It takes a long time for the Qurbani animal breeders to prepare the best Qurbani animals. This is included in the preparation of the Qurbani.

“Qurbani is special worship that practically happens once a year to prove our faith to Allah. We need a long time to do this worship. For us (the benefactors of Qurbani), it takes a short time to purchase the Qurbani animal. However, for the breeder, it takes a long time for them to prepare the best Qurbani animal. Without the breeders, We cannot do the Qurbani,” he explained.