Qurbani Distribution Brings Joy to Muslim Converts in North Central Timor

Global Qurban-ACT provided Qurbani for Muslim converts onTimor Island, East Nusa Tenggara including North Central Timor Regency.

Qurbani meat.
Children in Susulaku Village, Insana District, North Central Timor Regency, happily receive the best Qurbani meat. (ACTNews/Yudha Hadisana)

ACTNews, NORTH CENTRAL TIMOR REGENCY – The scorching heat of the sun at the peak of the dry season did not stop the Muslims in North Central Timor from celebrating the festivity of Eid Al-Adha

At Eid ul-Adha 1442 AH, Global Qurban-ACT slaughtered Qurbani animals in Susulaku Village, Insana District, North Central Timor Regency. Joy was seen on the face of the beneficiaries when they received qurbani meat from Global Qurban-ACT delivered through the mosque board. Some of the meat packages were delivered directly to the houses of underprivileged residents, Muslim converts, and migrants who are in difficulty meeting their needs.

Bobby Sandra from Global Qurban-ACT team on Timor Island said that Muslim converts on Timor Island have been the target of qurbani distribution. “The Muslim converts here are living as a minority in this diverse region. Every year, we strive to provide the best Qurbani for them to strengthen the solidarity between Muslims and to show that the distance between the donors and the recipients won't stop us from delivering the best qurbani,” said Bobby, Tuesday (7/20/2021). As many as 55 cows were slaughtered on Timor Island. The qurbani animals were donated not only by Indonesian donors but also from ACT's partner, Hayrat Yardim from Turkey.[]