Qurbani Distribution Reaches Impoverished Neighborhoods of Maluku

Global Qurban-ACT Maluku distributed qurbani to the remote areas of Maluku, aiming to reach impoverished residents who rarely eat meat.

global qurban
Qurbani distribution focuses on communities in Maluku’s remote areas. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MALUKU – Global Qurban-ACT Maluku sent dozens of qurbani animals to remote areas of Maluku, especially in Buru Regency, East Seram, West Seram, and Ambon City on Friday (7/23/2021).

ACT Maluku Branch Manager Wahab Loilatu told ACTNews that the qurbani distribution on the third day of tashriq targeted new Muslim converts, orphans, and students in Islamic boarding schools.

“We massively distributed qurbani animals to remote areas of Maluku because the residents rarely taste meat. In the city, the contrary often happens with many families receiving too much qurbani meat at Eid Al-Adha.

The communities who received the qurbani meat deeply appreciated the qurbani distribution. Lamane, the Imam at Al-Ikhwan Mosque in West Seram, thanked Global Qurban – ACT for providing qurbani meat to the locals who are mostly farmers and fishermen. The meat was enough for the locals for several days.

“On behalf of the people of Olas Hamlet, I thank you very much for the qurbani, and Global Qurban-ACT has struggled to cross the seas to deliver qurbani to the people of Olas. We are very grateful. May Allah repay the kindness of our friends from Global Qurban – ACT as well as the qurbani donors. May Allah bless you with abundant sustenance and good health,” prayed Lamane. []