Qurbani Greets Various Elements of Community in Karang Joang North Balikpapan

Global Qurban-ACT provided the best Qurbani meat for the residents of Karang Joang Village, KM 15, Sungai Wain District, North Balikpapan. The distribution targeted various parts of the community, especially those who are in an urgent need of assistance.

Qurbani handover.
Qurbani handover to Karang Joang Km 15 residents. (ACTNews/Afif Karomi)

ACTNews, NORTH BALIKPAPAN – Global Qurban-ACT distributed Qurbani meat to impoverished families in Karang Joang Village, KM 15, Sungai Wain District, North Balikpapan. Impoverished residents, Muslim converts, and former East Timorese people were par    t of the beneficiaries of Qurbani distribution on Tuesday (7/20/2021).

Abu Bakar, a member of Al-Manaar Mosque committee of Karang Joang was grateful for the Qurbani meat distribution in his area. “Hopefully, this Eid ul-Adha 1442 AH becomes a valuable moment and motivates fellow Muslims with extra wealth to help those who are in need especially the lower-middle-class residents who are highly severely by the current PPKM enforcement in Balikpapan,” said Abu Bakar.

In addition to the residents who were staying at home, the distribution also targeted Covid-19 gravediggers in KM 15 to support their dedication to their duties. “In the future, humanitarian programs have to be massively carried out. I invite everyone to gather our empathy and solidarity to help our brothers and sisters in need,” said Khaidir Ali from ACT Kalimantan Program Team.

Khaidir also encouraged Indonesian people who are financially capable to perform Qurbani. “Insha Allah, we still have the chance to perform Qurbani within the three days of Tashreeq. Let’s maximize our best Qurbani this year,” he added.[]