Qurbani Happiness Reaches Indonesian Peripheral Areas

Global Qurban regularly deliver qurbani packages to the outer areas of Indonesia to bring happiness supported by generous Indonesian benefactors.

Qurbani Happiness Reaches Indonesian Peripheral Areas' photo
In Eid Al-Adha 1440 AH, qurbani packages reached Buntang Village, Sambi Rampas Subdistrict, East Nusa Tenggara. (ACTNews/Gina Mardani)

ACTNews, MAHAKAM ULU, ATAMBUA, EAST MANGGARAI – The news about the remote areas of Indonesia, their rich culture, natural resources and beauty often attract many Indonesians who live in big cities to come to visit. To the remote areas of Indonesia, Global Qurban – ACT always comes deliver qurbani packages to bring the happiness of qurbani to the communities in these areas.

Every year, Global Qurban - ACT witnesses the happiness felt by the recipients of the qurbani packages, for example, when distributing sacrificial meat at Mahakam Ulu in August 2019. It took almost 24 hours to get to Mahakam Ulu Regency, East Kalimantan. The Global Qurban team had to take the overland route and sail through the river to get to the area located close to Indonesia – Malaysia border.

A month prior to the qurbani distribution, Mahakam Ulu Regency was hit by floods. The local residents live with limited facilities. They have no access to electricity. Arifka Ananda from the East Qurban Global Team - ACT East Kalimantan said, for their lighting at night, the locals use electric generators.

"The road to this area is quite difficult, limiting the mobility of the locals and the availability of food and other basic supplies. Because of this, the price of basic supplies often soars. Ironically, in Mahakam Ulu, Malaysian products are widely available at cheaper prices," explained Arifka.

The difficult condition in Mahakam Ulu did not dampen the spirit of the Global Qurban team. Two heads of cattle were sacrificed to strengthen the bond with the locals. "This qurbani moment became a moment of friendship and togetherness with the military personnel and local communities. Together, the military personnel from the Border Security 303 carried out the slaughter and distribution of the qurbani animals," explained Arifka.

The happiness of qurbani also reached the eastern border of Indonesia in Sukabitetek Village, East Tasifeto Subdistrict, Belu Regency. This village is one of the areas where ex-East Timorese live. There are only 27 Muslim families in the village. However, in the moment of Eid Al-Adha, everyone participated to feel the happiness of qurbani.

In Atambua, hundreds of qurbani animals were also slaughtered for the local community. "Here, we live in a plural society. Muslims are a minority because many of the natives are Christians, but we have coexisted in peace especially in the past six to seven years. Muslims can freely worship here. In fact, we are also allowed to perform the call to prayer using loudspeakers, "said Jumardi, a local Muslim cleric.

An example of religious tolerance was also seen in Buntang Village, Sambi Rampas Subdistrict, East Nusa Tenggara. Abdul Rahim Naim, one of the local preachers originating from East Java who had been preaching for ten years in the village of Buntang, Sambi Rampas Subdistrict, expressed his gratefulness. According to him, the qurbani from Global Qurban became a way to strengthen the bond among Buntang villagers. "Alhamdulillah, the Muslims here live and coexist peacefully with people of other faiths," he said.

The harmony between different religious groups was seen during the sacrifice. Muslims and Christians took part in the distribution of the qurbani animals. The harmony in the village of Buntang is very much reflected from the houses of worship that were established side by side.

In Eid Al-Adha 2020, Global Qurban will again visit Indonesian peripheral areas again to strengthen the bond by sharing the happiness of qurbani from Indonesian benefactors. []