Qurbani in Gaza Aims to Reduce Hunger

Qurbani meat was distributed to thousands of IDP and poor families in Gaza. The qurbani animals were sent by Indonesian generous benefactors.

Children in Gaza City symbolically receiving qurbani meat. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA - The Gaza Strip, a small territory of ​​225 square kilometers inhabited by a third of the total Palestinian population, was a regular location of Global Qurban – ACT’s qurbani distribution every Eid Al-Adha. Thousands of households across various IDP sites and poor neighborhoods benefitted from the qurbani distribution.

Said Mukaffiy from Global Humanity Response - Aksi Cepat Tanggap explained that Gaza is one of the important locations for ACT’s humanitarian aid distribution, including the distribution of qurbani meat from Global Qurban - ACT.

“The distribution of qurbani meat was an effort for all of us to reduce food shortages in Gaza. Two out of three Gazan residents live as IDP on their own land. They have to deal with constant hardships, such as blockade and economic deterioration that leads to massive poverty rate. They cannot even fulfill basic need for food,” Said stated, Thursday (8/6).

Children in Gaza City symbolically receiving qurbani meat. (ACTNews)

Qurbani meat was distributed to residents of Gaza City, Jabalia, Khan Yunis and Rafah near the Egyptian border. The slaughter was carried out in slaughterhouses, and the meat was immediately distributed by volunteers to the recipients’ houses. The meat was distributed in compliance with the COVID-19 protocol.

After the Eid Al-Adha season, added Said, the efforts to help Palestine will continue. Until now, many Palestinians rely heavily on international humanitarian assistance.

“Palestinians in Jabalia, for example, they need assistance to survive. The unemployment rate in this region is over 50 percent, and the poverty rate is more than 70 percent. Most of its residents live in unfinished concrete houses. Food insecurity is common in this region. Therefore, after the qurbani, we hope that our enthusiasm to help Palestine will be maintained. The alms from the generous benefactors will continue to accompany them and strengthen their struggle," he said. []