Qurbani Meat: A Rare Happiness for the Oppressed Rohingya

On last year’s Eid Al-Adha Global Qurban – ACT came all the way to Rathedaung to deliver qurbani meat to the Rohingyas.

Rohingya residents in Myanmar cooking the staple food received from the donors delivered by Aksi Cepat Tanggap. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, RATHEDAUNG – In Sin Kon Daing Village, Rathedaung, North Rakhine, Eid AL-Adha celebration is never as lavish as it is in other parts of the world. After the Eid Al-Adha prayer, unlike other Muslim communities, they can’t cook fancy foods. Every day, hundreds of families have to endure living in poverty and food shortage.

Muhamad Siraj (44), a resident of Sin Kon Daing village, has to support nine family members. He admitted that he had never bought meat for his children. The tight blockade has made it difficult for him to move freely even just to make ends meet.

"The qurbani meat given by ACT is very beneficial for us and our family. My children can finally savor meat. We pray that Allah will always bless the benefactors," Siraj told the Global Sacrifice partner - ACT in Ruthedaung in Iduladha 2019.

Rohingya IDP in Rakhine ate together last Ramadan. In the month of Ramadan, ACT sent staple food and iftar packages to the Rohingyas. (ACTNews)

Mabiya Hatu (35), a housewife in Sin Kon Daing Village living with 5 family members, also expressed her gratefulness. She admitted that, to cheer up her family’s Eid Al-Adha, she used to cook some chicken. Sadly, that year, she did not have enough money. Four of her family members were girls under 18 that still depend on her.

"Today we received meat from Global Qurban – ACT. We thank the donors very much. There are no words that can express our thankfulness. We are also thankful for the basic supplies that we received," said Hatu.

Myo Win, an ACT partner in Ratheduang, explained that the Rohingyas’ movement has been severely restricted. "Meat is only consumed occasionally, only once or twice a year," Myo Win said.

Myo Win continued, they can’t even afford rice or other staple foods. They had to leave the rice fields in their home villages to find a safer place.

Helping the Rohingyas to fulfill their needs for food has been Global Qurban’s main priority in Myanmar. In Eid Al-Adha 2019 Dozens of animals were slaughtered and enjoyed by nerly 6,000 Rohingyas scattered across villages and camps in Rakhine.

Firdaus Guritno from Global Qurban – ACT explained that ACT plans to send qurbani animals for the Rohingyas again this year. "Together, let us bring happiness for the Rohingyas again this year. Insha Allah, qurbani meat will reach Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and Myanmar," Firdaus explained, Thursday (7/23).

The United Nations has called the Rohingyas ‘the most persecuted minority’. Denied citizenship by their home country, hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas sailed across the sea for a better livelihood. []