Qurbani Meat as a Show of Concern for Others

In the second year of the pandemic, Global Qurban-ACT had again expanded the distribution of Qurbani meat. Global Qurban-ACT distributed Qurbani meat packages to residents in urban areas and many regions throughout Indonesia.

Children in Bengkalis
Children in Bengkalis receive Qurbani meat packages. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BENGKALIS – This year's Eid was still amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Community activities are even more restricted before, during, and after Eid ul-Adha. It also has an impact on life, especially the economy.

As a solution, Global Qurban-ACT provided the best Qurbani meat to accompany the community's Eid. In Bengkalis, Global Qurban-ACT slaughtered, packed, and distributed Qurbani animals to residents affected by the pandemic.

“There were ten distribution areas of Qurbani meat from Global Qurban-ACT Duri. Previously, an initial assessment had been carried out for these locations so that the meat was received on target,” explained Muhammad Auzar, Head of Global Qurban-ACT Duri, Thursday (7/22/2021).

The Qurbani meat was delivered directly to the beneficiaries, assisted by Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia volunteers. The team did this to avoid crowds and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“I invite all of you to help our brothers and sisters in remote areas of Indonesia. Do not be cold-hearted to share with others. Thank you for providing us with the best meat,” said Heru, one of the beneficiaries.

Apart from Bengkalis, Global Qurban-ACT also delivered Qurbani meat to many areas throughout Indonesia. This wide distribution was expected to bring happiness at the moment of Eid to residents who rarely get Qurbani meat.[]