Qurbani Meat Brings Happiness to Karo Residents Amid Fear and Anxiety

The residents living around Mount Sinabung have been in fear due to the mountain's volcanic activities. Qurbani packages from Global Qurban - ACT brought happiness to them amid the losses that they suffer due to the recent eruption.

Global Qurban-ACT visits the community in several areas affected by the Mount Sinabung eruption.
Global Qurban-ACT visits several areas affected by the Mount Sinabung eruption on Monday (7/19/2021). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KARO – Mount Sinabung in Karo Regency erupted on Monday (19/7/2021), destroying vegetables that were ready for harvest. In addition, the locals have also been evacuated to safer places.

Noni Brupandia, a resident who evacuated to Sigarang Garang Village, says that she has been suffering from losses due to the eruption of Mount Sinabung. The volcanic ash damaged her crops, but she could not do much.

“Though the crops were fertile and ready for harvest, they can't be optimally harvested because many of the plants were damaged and killed by the volcanic ash. What else can we do?" said Noni when met by ACTNews on Tuesday (7/20/2021).

Noni's house was destroyed in the massive eruption in 2018. Currently, she is staying in Sigarang Garang Village, Naman Teran District, Karo Regency. When the disaster occurred, she was anxious and afraid, but she had nothing left to do.

“We were told that we will be relocated in late June, but we're not sure. We hope to move soon. We always get anxious when an eruption happens," she said.

As a form of concern for the residents around Mount Sinabung, Global Qurban-ACT distributed qurbani meat to several neighborhoods around the mountain. Noni was grateful for the qurbani meat that she received and for the fact that there are people who care about residents living near Mount Sinabung. Since the mosque in her neighborhood was destroyed in 2018, no one has performed qurbani.

Ilham Moehammad from ACT North Sumatra program team said four Qurbani cows were distributed to residents around the affected area at this year’s Eid -ul Adha.

"In Karo Regency, our qurbani implementation focuses on the people affected by the eruption of Mount Sinabung. The distribution locations are located about 3.5 kilometers from the peak of Mount Sinabung, namely Sigarang Garang Village, Kuta Gugung, Kuta Rakyat and Kuta Mbelin. Hopefully, the mandate of generous friends donated this year can lift their grief due to the disaster that occurred, “explained Ilham. []