Qurbani Meat Delights People with Disabilities in Tanggamus

The benefits of 2020 Qurbani were enjoyed by people with disabilities in Tanggamus. This year, Global Qurban-ACT targets a wider Qurbani implementation to assist more people with disabilities in various regions.

People with disabilities.
People with disabilities in Tanggamus Regency receive Qurbani meat packages. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TANGGAMUS – The benefits of Qurbani are truly enjoyed by all elements of society. In 2020 Qurbani, people with disabilities in Alamanda Social Welfare Agency (LKS), Tanggamus, were delighted by the distribution of Qurbani meat from Global Qurban-ACT. They, who came from various districts in Tanggamus, enjoyed the dishes from Qurbani meat including semur and gulai cooked by the volunteers of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia. In addition, the people with disabilities also received raw Qurbani meat packages from the Global Qurban-ACT Team.

A social worker in Alamanda LKS, namely Ros, expressed her admiration for the humanitarian actions by Global Qurban-ACT, especially in the implementation of Qurbani. She said that when everyone was staying at home and reducing their public activities, on the other hand, Global Qurban-ACT chose to assist people with disabilities in Tanggamus.

“We truly appreciate the humanitarian action by Global Qurban-ACT in Tanggamus. We are far away from the crowds of the city, but the Global Qurban-ACT Team still comes and visits us. When everyone is reducing their public activities by staying at home, Global Qurban chooses to greet us while still adhering to health protocol,” said Ros after the meat handover event in 2020 Qurbani.

Regina Locita Pratiwi from ACT Lampung Program Team said that Qurbani is worship that has unlimited rewards. It means, the benefits of Qurbani can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere, and can also be performed by anyone. For example, in 2020 Qurbani, the benefits of Qurbani meat could be enjoyed by people with disabilities in Tunggamus. 

“This year, with the spirit of Qurbani Without Limits, Global Qurban-ACT will expand the unlimited benefits of Qurbani. If last year we could only reach the people with disabilities in Tunggamus, this year we expect to reach disability people in Lampung or even wider,” said Regina, Thursday (7/1/2021).[]