Qurbani Thanksgiving Amid Water Crisis

Global Qurban ACT sacrificed 24 goats in collaboration with Kodim 0612 Tasikmalaya to be distributed to beneficiaries living in economic disadvantage.

Qurbani Thanksgiving Amid Water Crisis' photo

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA - Joy and togetherness were seen in Cisugih Village, Tamansari Subdistrict, Tasikmalaya City, since Tuesday (8/13) night. The public kitchen that was set up earlier became a gathering place for the residents and members of the Indonesian National Army who were cooking the qurbani meat.

Cisugih Village is an area that is most severely affected by drought. It has been difficult to find clean water in the past six months. The residents find it difficult to meet their daily water needs.

Aside from being the most severely affected by drought, this area also has high poverty rates. Previously, they were about to slaughter only two goats for 220 families.

Global Qurban-ACT Tasikmalaya in collaboration with Kodim 0612 Tasikmalaya sacrificed 24 goats to be distributed to disadvantaged communities. Some of the qurbani meat was also cooked and enjoyed together in the Qurbani Thanksgiving event on Wednesday (8/13).

The Qurbani Thanksgiving was attended by the representatives of Tasikmalaya Mayor, Tasikmalaya City Social Service, Kasdim 0612, Danbrigif, Local Police Chief, Danramil, Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) Tasikmalaya, Bank Tabungan Nasional (BTN) Tasikmalaya, Tasikmalaya community partners and 700 local residents.

The activity would not be able to be done without the help of the local residents, as revealed by Fauzi from the Global Qurban – ACT Tasikmalaya. "We thank you for your attention and cooperation, dear ladies and gentlemen. With your help, we can carry out the mandate of qurbani from the benefactors to the intended beneficiaries so that the Qurbani Thanksgiving program ran smoothly," said Fauzi.

The appreciation also came from the Acting Regional Secretary of Tasikmalaya City, on behalf of the Mayor of Tasikmalaya, Asep Goparullah. According to Asep, this activity was very beneficial for the residents of the city of Tasikmalaya, especially residents of Cisugih Village who are below the poverty line. "In the future, let's collaborate again for other charity activities that can help the community and make them happy," Asep hoped.

After eating together and distributing qurbani animals, ACT Tasikmalaya distributed 5,000 liters of clean water to local residents. Both the clean water aid and the qurbani distribution were carried out successfully that day. []