Qurbani Transaction Gets Easier through Vast Partnership Network

Qurbani Transaction Gets Easier through Vast Partnership Network

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Since 2011, Global Qurban has served to expand the massive benefits of Qurbani. Indonesia as the world’s most populous Muslim country needs to spread the blessings of qurbani across the world. Such noble spirit is reflected in Global Qurban’s slogan this year: Indonesia’s Qurbani, Let Our Nation and The World Enjoy It.

Annually, through several phases, Global Qurban has developed a variety of programs to facilitate people to perform qurbani. Global Qurban strive to provide sacrificial animals at affordable rates and with convenience. The aim is to facilitate everyone to perform qurbani.

From Progressive Qurbani, Instensive Qurbani, Qurbani Savings, Qurbani Donation, to Livestock Waqf for Qurbani, each of this program is Global Qurban’s innovative program which offers easy ways for us to perform qurbani.

In seven years, there has been a significant increase in Global Qurban’s customers, target countries, and scope of partnership. The increase in the scope of partnership will provide more options more options to do qurbani. The expansion of both the national and international partnership is a collaborative effort to amplify the joy of Eid-ul-Adha celebration.

Rini Maryani, the President of Global Qurban, stated that Global Qurban’s partnership network, both the online and the offline, has been integrated. All of the qurbani transactions are interlinked with each other through various ways.

“The people who wish to perform qurbani can do it through many ways of transaction via more than 16,000 partners all around the country including banking institutions, mosques, schools, Zakah collector institutions, cooperatives, institutions, MSMEs, eateries, agents, and sales force. The qurbani transaction can also be done through our e-commerce network, crowdfunding, and online marketplace. The whole system has been fully integrated with Global Qurban,” said Maryani.

Maryani added that people can also do their qurbani transaction through many well-known retail outlets. “Like Carrefour, Indomaret, Hero, Giant, Superindo, Ramayana, Superindo, Sodaqo, Ahad Mart, Elcorps, Aeon, Fajar Department Store Kuningan, and other retail brands. Global Qurban makes qurbani transaction closer and easier through retail outlets that can be found in many places,” she said.

Global Qurban has also been a pioneer of qurbani transaction through e-commerce websites and apps when it first initiated the qurbani transaction through Bukalapak. Many other online partners such as e-commerce sites, online marketplaces, and crowdfunding platforms soon joined Global Qurban’s online network.

The coordinator of Global Qurban’s online partnership, Karina Yusmaniar, said that, since 2015, Global Qurban has been connected to many e-commerce brands in Indonesia.

“In 2018, Global Qurban can be accessed through Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Lazada, Shopee, Blibli.com, Elevania, JD.id, Blanja.com, Kitabisa, Kaskus, Ovo, Klikindomaret, Vestfarm, Maybank Syariah, BNI Syariah, CIMB Niaga Syariah, BPRS, Bank Victoria Syariah, Bank DKI Syariah, Bank Muamalat, Telkomsel, Kimpulku.com, and other e-commerce brands,” explained Yusmaniar.

The scope of the partnership goes even wider. Global Qurban’s collaboration also goes beyond boundaries of languages and nationalities. “Alhamdulillah, our friends, the Indonesian Diaspora in other countries, also have the same spirit to perform qurbani such as our friends from Indonesian Muslim Nurses Association (IPMI) Japan, PPI World, Iba Tausyiah Germany, TDV Turkey, Ukhuwah Islamic Study Circle Akershus, Hayrat Vakfi, MIIT Toronto Canada, Launchgood, and many more,” explained Mohammad Faisol Amrullah of Global Qurban’s Global Philanthropy Network.

All of this network is active and accessible by anyone. All of us can move with the same ideas, efforts, and rhythm. Indonesia’s Qurbani, let our nation and the world enjoy it. []


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