Ramadan Food Alms Movement Reaches Beneficiaries in Bukittinggi

ACT Bukittinggi collaborates with the District Military Command 0304 Agam to spread the benefits of Ramadan Food Alms Movement. This collaboration is expected to create more benefits.

Photo with ACT Bukittingi team and TNI after agreeing to collaborate on kindness. (ACTNews)
ACT Bukittinggi and the Indonesian Military agrees to collaborate in kindness. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BUKITTINGGI – Since it was launched a few days before Ramadan, the Ramadan Food Alms Movement continues to expand to various regions. Apart from involving many beneficiaries, this movement also collaborates with various elements of society to spread kindness.

In Bukittinggi, Aksi Cepat Tanggap collaborates with District Military Command 0304 Agam to distribute food packages. Through this movement, the village supervisory non-commissioned officers (Babinsa) were also involved.

“I have asked the Babinsa officers to look for residents who need help. Many people do not dare to speak out and do not want to tell their situation to others even though they are in need. Therefore, I hope this movement can alleviate the burden of our fellow countrymen,” said the Commander of District Military Command 0304 Agam, Lt. Col. Arh Yosip Brotzi Dadi, Monday (4/26/2021).

This collaboration also aims to collect data of underprivileged people who need assistance such as house renovations, medical treatment, economic and educational support. The target was not only those who live in cities but also in remote areas. The best efforts were made to bring smiles to underprivileged people in Bukittinggi. 

Branch Manager of ACT Bukittinggi, Deni Marlesi, welcomed this collaboration. He hoped that the distribution involving Babinsa could find a way to get it right on target. "This collaboration began with a movement to distribute food assistance in the form of Waqf Rice to underprivileged people. Hopefully, this movement can continue and create more benefits," hoped Deni.[]