Ramadan Ship Docked at Buaya Island to Deliver Food Packages

The Ramadan ship carrying Ramadan food packages docked at Buaya Island. The Muslim community on this island has difficulty accessing water and electricity.

Buaya Island residents carry Ramadan food packages delivered by Ramadan Ship. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, ALOR — Pulau Buaya is one of six small islands in Alor Regency. It is situated between two major islands in Alor Regency, namely Pantar and Alor Islands. Administratively, it is included in the administration of Pulau Buaya Village, Northwest Alor District.

Adi Irwan from the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team explained, that Buaya Island is inhabited by about 300 families, and all of the residents are Muslims. There is one mosque and one Islamic Junior High School on the Island.

"To continue their education to high school, children must cross to Alor Island or study in Islamic boarding schools on other islands," Adi said, Wednesday (4/27/2022).

Buaya Island is one of the Indonesian islands that are sadly still underdeveloped. Electricity on Buaya Island relies on solar panels and is only available at night until dawn. In addition, the Buaya Islanders don’t have access to adequate fresh water.

"To get freshwater, they have to distill water or cross the sea to other islands to get clean water,” said Adi.

The residents work as farmers, fishermen, and weavers. Their income is uncertain.

"The amount of fish caught depends on weather conditions and ocean currents. The agriculture on this island is only good if the plants are not attacked by pests,” he said.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap collaborated with donor Ms. Lina Liputri to deliver hundreds of food packages using the Ramadhan Ship to the outer islands in Indonesia, including Buaya Island. On Tuesday (4/26/2022), the Ramadhan Ship carrying 100 Ramadan food packages docked at the island's pier.

"One food package contains basic ingredients such as rice, flour, sugar, and cooking oil," Adi concluded.[]