Rasima: As of now, I can only afford to Buy the Cart’s Wheel

Rasima (56) continues to run her pecel business after her husband passed away. She looks for ways to keep her business running including borrowing her friend’s cart to sell her merchandise.

Rasima says that it is difficult for her to earn income during the pandemic (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PONTIANAK – Rasima (56) has been selling pecel since 1997, as the year of her husband’s death. From the business that now also adds geprek chicken as a menu, Rasima supports her children until they are adults. One of them has even been working freelance at the port.

Although one of her children can also support the family’s financial needs, it still doesn’t enough so that Rasima cannot stop selling. It is even more difficult with the current pandemic situation.

“Sinde the pandemic, I am barely able to earn up to IDR 100 thousand,” said Rasima when met by Global Wakaf-ACT at her selling place, Sungai Bangkok Village, Pontianak Kota District, Pontianak City, Saturday (8/21/2021).

Rasima also faces difficulty in meeting her business capital to make her selling cart since currently, she still borrows her friend’s cart to sell pecel.

“My friend sells her merchandise in the morning. I borrow her cart from noon to evening. As of now, I can only afford to buy the cart’s wheel. Currently, I still can’t afford to buy my own cart,” said Rasima.

That day, to support Rasima in selling her merchandise, Global Wakaf-ACT West Kalimantan provided capital assistance through Waqf for MSMEs program. Rasima was very grateful. She hopes to be able to have her own cart soon. “Alhamdulillah, I plan to make my selling cart from this assistance,” Rasima concluded.[]