Reaching half a Million Beneficiaries, Waqf Distribution Center Continues to Expand Kindness

The Waqf Distribution Center continues to spread kindness to the beneficiaries across various regions in Indonesia. This effort to strengthen food sovereignty has reached half a million beneficiaries.

Waqf Distribution Center
The distribution is assisted by 96 branches of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) in various provinces. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Waqf Distribution Center has continued to reach various regions in Indonesia. As a part of the National Food Alms Movement, over the past four months, the Waqf Distribution Center has almost reached three thousand points in Indonesia.

“For Waqf Rice, we have distributed nearly 170 thousand kilograms and more than 27 thousand Waqf Drinking Water in the form of glasses and bottles. We have reached a total of half a million beneficiaries for the period from mid-February to Friday (5/21/2021),” said the Operations Manager of Waqf Distribution Center, Pungki Martha Kusuma.

This distribution was also assisted by 96 Global Wakaf-ACT branches in various provinces in Indonesia. The Waqf Distribution Center during Ramadan also continued to meet the food needs of the underprivileged. This was done to maintain food security for underprivileged families in the holy month.

Become the Bridge

Waqf Distribution Center becomes the bridge for generous alms to the beneficiaries. Through this Waqf Distribution Center, generous alms will be collected and delivered to beneficiaries in cooperation with Global Wakaf-ACT branches. Distribution is also carried out through collaboration with various partners or ACT's humanitarian vehicles.

So far, there are five Waqf Distribution Centers managed by Global Wakaf-ACT, namely in Gunung Putri, Bogor, which is the main of the National Waqf Distribution Center and can accommodate 1,000 tons of aid. Then, Gunung Sindur for the Greater Jakarta area, Jombang for East Java, Banjarmasin for South Kalimantan, and Mamuju for West Sulawesi.

Pungki hopes that these Waqf Distribution Centers reach more beneficiaries, especially underprivileged people throughout Indonesia. “We can do this thanks to the help of all the generous people,” concluded Pungki.[]