Reaching Tens of Thousands Beneficiaries in the Moments ahead of Ramadan

A week before Ramadan, ACT expanded the food distribution of Ramadan Food Alms Movement to various elements of society. Its reach covers various regions in Indonesia, involved hundreds of volunteers and tens of thousands of beneficiaries.

Volunteers at Waqf Distribution Center Gunung Putri, Bogor.
Volunteers at Waqf Distribution Center Gunung Putri, Bogor sort out the waqf rice. In the humanitarian aid warehouse, there are hundreds of tons food packages which are ready to be distributed.

ACTNews, JAKARTA - In the moment of Ramadan, the Ramadan Food Alms Movement initiated by Aksi Cepat Tanggap keeps on spreading kindness. The foods from people’s alms were distributed to various elements of people in many parts of the country. Not only distributing food, but this movement also wants to bring the message of communal work and proof of people’s generosity in the middle of a pandemic.

Based on data collected by ACTNews, during the period of April 5-11 2021, there were 161 distribution points of the Ramadan Food Alms Movement leading up to the holy month. These distributions involved 753 volunteers who distributed the alms to more than 28 thousands of beneficiaries. The food packages included 8,5 tons of waqf rice and more than one thousand cups of waqf drinking water.

The coordinator of Waqf Distribution Center who is also part of Ramadan Food Alms Movement, Pungki Martha Kusuma said, this movement of kindness not only reached the beneficiaries in Jabodetabek, but also other regions on various islands.

“Food packages from the Ramadan Food Alms Movement have been distributed through ACT branches which are spread in many regions. Involving volunteers from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia, we hope this action can continue to expand and reach various groups,” hoped Pungki, Monday (4/12/2021).

Before reaching the beneficiaries’ hands, the food packages from The Ramadan Food Alms Movement were gathered in the Waqf Distribution Center. The humanitarian aid warehouse became the link between the benefactors who donate their food alms with the beneficiaries. As per April 11, there are hundreds of tons of rice and tens of thousands cups and bottles waqf drinking-water in the Waqf Distribution Center.

“As of now, the rice stock has reached hundreds of tons, but it doesn’t mean that it is enough to cover the needs of the people in need. The donations from benefactors are very much awaited and will continue to be opened. Moreover, Ramadan is a glorious month and can be a great opportunity for us to share with others,” said Pungki. []