Reaching Yemen to Distribute Iftar in the District of Hamdan

For five years, Ramadan in Yemen is marked with starvation

ACTNews, SANA’A – On every side of Sana’a, famine and instability are the two biggest threats for the Yemenis living amid the war, In the month of Ramadan, their life becomes even more difficult as they lack access to basic needs.

The price of basic necessities has soared in Yemen. It has been the fifth Ramadan in Yemen that its people have to spend the holy month amidst famine and humanitarian crisis. The U.N. has even called the situation in Yemen “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis”. The blockade and fighting have left 3.3 million of them displaced and in need of humanitarian assistance.

Carrying the aid from the people of Indonesia in the month of Ramadan, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) distributed iftar packages for the Yemenis. Many of the beneficiaries were people living in ruins and decrepit buildings.

Andi Noor Faradiba of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT stated that the distribution of the iftar packages was held for the first time in Hamdan District of Sana’a Governorate, Saturday (5/25). There were at least 200 Yemenis in Hamdan District who savored the iftar packages from the people of Indonesia.

“The distributions of the iftar packages were done in two villages in Shamlan in Hamdan District, Al-Showda and Shamlan Villages,” explained Faradiba.

Each Ramadan, the people of Yemen have to spend their holy month in difficult situation, so much so that Al-Jazeera reported in 2017 that the people of Yemen spend their Ramadan fasting by day and starving by night.

One of the Yemenis who spend their Ramadan in deprivation was Fatima Saleh (58), who had to wander the city and visit her neighbors seeking enough food for the suhoor and iftar of her family. Fatima’s story reflects the heartbreaking condition in Yemen caused by the ongoing civil war.

“Insha Allah, ACT will continue supporting the people of Yemen, especially during the month of Ramadan. We request for your support and prayers from the people of Indonesia so that the people of Yemen can live a normal life like we do, without war and blockade that have deprived them of the happiness of Ramadan,” said Faradiba. []