Reason We Should Respect Teachers

Respecting the teacher is a noble deed. For anyone who honors his teacher indirectly has also appreciated the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Illustration. Students study in Al-Islami Islamic Boarding School, Sukabumi. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA – Teachers are people who are trusted and imitated. People who teach knowledge and goodness. The Prophet Muhammad put the position of the teachers as noble people as well as those who glorify them.

In the book Lubabul Hadith, Jalaluddin Abdurrahman bin Abu Bakr As-Suyuthi Chapter 1 writes, the Messenger of Allah said, "Whoever honors the knowledgeable (teacher), then indeed he has honored me. Whoever glorifies me, he has glorified Allah. Whoever glorifies Allah, then his place is in heaven.”

The companions also respect the teacher very much. Ali bin Abi Talib, whom the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) has named the door of knowledge, also highly venerates the teacher. Ali got the title because he was intelligent, but that did not make him arrogant.

Ali once said, "I am a servant of anyone who teaches me even if it is only one letter. I surrender to him. Either I want to be sold, set free, or remain a slave.”

These words show a form of high devotion to anyone who has taught him. The servants referred to in this context are not slaves but people who wholeheartedly serve the teacher. They carry out all the teacher's orders and sidestep from all the prohibitions that do not deviate from the Sharia. Sayyidina Ali will honor people who teach him one letter. How about people who teach many things?[]