Rebuild West Pasaman and Restore the Life of Its Residents

A month has passed since the earthquake that jolted West Pasaman in late February. It is time for the people of Indonesia to work together to rebuild the earthquake-afflicted region. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) is ready to facilitate the generosity of the community through several post-disaster recovery programs including the reconstruction of housing, toilets, schools, and mosques.

rebuild west pasaman
ACT is ready to facilitate the generosity of the people of Indonesia for the recovery of West Pasaman. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA, WEST PASAMAN – A month after the earthquake that hit West Pasaman in late February, the life of its residents has not returned to normal. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Vice President Dwiko Hari Dastriadi mentions  the situation in West Pasaman is still worrying. Dwiko also expresses his sadness that the assistance for West Pasaman has decreased during the post-disaster recovery period.

“In fact, the post-disaster recovery period is an essential stage. Based on ACT’s Emergency Response team’s data, over 6,000 houses were damaged, 1,000 of which suffered major damages. The survivors are staying in tents because they have lost their houses,” said Dwiko at the ACT headquarters in South Jakarta, Friday (3/25/2022).

During the emergency response phase, there were three main programs that ACT commenced, namely rescue, medical services, and relief distribution.

Humanitarian vehicles such as the Humanity Food Bus, Humanity Food Trucks, and Humanity Water Tanks were deployed to West Pasaman to distribute meals and clean water. In this phase, public kitchens were opened to facilitate meal distribution. “These three emergency programs have benefitted at least 18,000 people,” added Dwiko.

Now, ACT continues to call on the community to support the recovery of West Pasaman. ACT has designed several major programs, including the reconstruction of houses, toilets, and mosques.

Dwiko adds, one of the most urgent programs is the provision of housing because some of the victims are still staying in tents.

In addition, ACT also invites generous donors to support the reconstruction of public facilities such as toilets, schools, and mosques. Since the earthquake, the evacuees have been praying in tents, and learning activities have been held in open fields.

“We can improve this situation with the support from the community. We can rebuild schools so that the students no longer have to study under the sun. We can rebuild mosques so the Muslim residents can pray more comfortably. As Ramadan is coming in a week, it will be a pity if they can’t happily pray in Pasaman due to the lack of mosques,” said Dwiko.

On the same occasion, Indonesian Muslim Scholar Ustaz Amir Faishol says it is incumbent upon all parts of the community to help the victims of natural disasters. “To the people who are not affected by the disaster, it is a warning from Allah to be more grateful and careful of what Allah has given us by using it for the obedience to Allah, including by donating to help the disaster victims. To the disaster victims, Allah commands them to be patient, content, and to submit to Allah,” said Ustaz Amir.

Dear generous donors, you can take part in the recovery of West Pasaman by delivering your assistance to ACT branch offices throughout Indonesia. You can also take part by donating through the Indonesia Dermawan crowdfunding site. []