Rebuilding the Economic Potential of Sigi through Fried Shallot Production

Fried Shallot is a well-known souvenir of Central Sulawesi that contributes to the economy of the locals. After the disasters in 2018, the fried shallot production halted and almost stopped entirely.

ACTNews, SIGI - About 40 survivors of the earthquake and soil liquefactions that inhabit the Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) of Langaleso, Dolo Subdistrict, Sigi Regency, took part in ACT Central Sulawesi’s economic empowerment program. These 40 people were divided into 4 groups, each consisting of 10 members.

Head of ACT Central Sulawesi Program Team Mustafa explained, the empowerment program aims to rebuild the economic potential of the region, involving the inhabitants of ICS Langaleso. The program was held in the form of fried shallot production.

"After the disaster, we feel that community empowerment can be a solution for the recover the economic potential in Sigi, starting from the community, aiming to benefit the community, "Mustafa said.

Besides being the initiator of this program, ACT Central Sulawesi also acts as a partner in providing raw materials and production tools, including spinners to dry the fried onions.

"Previously, the production was not optimal because we were still learning to innovate until we finally found a tool that can speed up the drying of fried onions, the spinner machine," said Mustafa.

According to Mustafa, they have earned profits from the fried shallot production, reaching up to millions of Rupiah at its early stage. "It strengthens our belief that empowerment program can truly rebuild the economic potential in Sigi," Mustafa said.

ACT Central Sulawesi will also continue to innovate so that the quality of the program continues to improve. In the near future, Insha Allah, ACT will also design the packaging and label for the product so that it that can be accepted by the public.

"We will also expand the reach of our marketing and sales through social media accounts, while also optimizing the building of the Humanitarian Distribution Center (HDC) in ICS Lolu as the production and sales center of the products created by groups fostered by ACT," concluded Mustafa.

Since the disaster hit, ACT Central Sulawesi has never stopped assisting the survivors, starting from the emergency phase, post-disaster recovery, to economic recovery. An economic empowerment program involving the ICS inhabitants is a solution to rebuild the economy of the people in Palu, Sigi and Donggala. []