Reconstruction of the Earthquake-Hit Kajai Grand Mosque Begins

The groundbreaking ceremony of the Grand Mosque of Kajai that was devastated by the earthquake in West Pasaman was held on Sunday (5/15/2022). The reconstruction of the mosque is slated to take seven months to finish.

kajai grand mosque
The construction team works to make sure that the mosque will be finished as soon as possible to be used by the residents of Nagari Kajai. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WEST PASAMAN REGENCY – The Grand Mosque of Kajai located in the district of Talamau in West Pasaman has begun its reconstruction. The groundbreaking ceremony for the reconstruction of the 140-year-old mosque was held on Sunday (5/15/2022). The event was attended by the West Pasaman Regent Hamsuardi.

The benefactor who financed the construction, Hj. Merry Warti from Tanah Datar Regency, also attended the event. After receiving the information from the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team about the Grand Mosque of Kajai which was devastated by the West Pasaman earthquake, she decided to finance its reconstruction.

“My late parents always taught me that I must strive to build my hometown and also build mosques. When I heard the information from the ACT team about the Grand Mosque of Kajai that was destroyed by the earthquake and the mosque was always packed with worshippers, I was moved and sent an additional team to Nagari Kajai, West Pasaman," said Merry.

Merry Warti (center) is present with the ACT Team in the field. (ACTNews)

Merry estimated that the construction of the mosque would be completed in the next seven months. The team is also trying to speed up the construction so that the mosque can be finished and used by the people of Nagari Kajai as soon as possible.

"We are very happy when Mrs. Merry showed her enthusiasm about building the Kajai Grand Mosque, so we try to collect as much data as possible so that donors, in this case, Mrs. Merry, know the amount of money needed to rebuild the mosque," said Deni Marlesi as a representative of ACT in Central Sumatra. He also added that ACT has been supporting the community since the moment after the earthquake to this day in the form of aid distribution and reconstruction of public facilities.

Before the earthquake, the mosque was equipped with an Islamic school. When the earthquake occurred, the building collapsed on one of the worshippers who was praying duha, killing her instantly. The mosque was vibrant with Islamic activities attended by the locals. []