Refugee Camps Inundated as Winter Reaches Its Peak

Refugee Camps Inundated as Winter Reaches Its Peak

ACTNews, IDLIB – For years, hundreds of thousands of refugees in Idlib have been living in constant hardship in tents made of thin sheets. Their condition became even worse as the winter reaches its coldest point in early 2019. They have to once again spend the freezing winter in refugee camps.

The soil around the refugee camp in Idlib had been muddy. Though there was no heavy snowfall, the tents made of thin plastic sheets were unable to protect them from the rains.   

In recent years, Idlib has been a destination for thousands of refugees fleeing from other cities throughout Syria.

Andi Noor Faradiba of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) stated that there had been a large influx of refugees to Idlib in 2018.

“Our partners in Idlib reported that there has been a significant increase of refugees to Idlib. They fled from the centers of the conflict, including Eastern Ghouta that was bombarded in early 2018,” added Faradiba.

According to the UN, approximately over 11,000 refugees were forced to abandon their temporary settlements after being hit by torrential rains that inundated the tents and the refugees’ belonging inside.

Aid workers have warned of a serious risk of death and disease as the temperature continues to drop. The storm that hit evacuation sites in Idlib on Thursday (1/17) has inundated the refugees’ tents.

ACT to provide flats for refugees in Idlib

Many of the refugees in Idlib solely rely on humanitarian aid to spend this winter. ACT partners and volunteers in Syria are determined to alleviate the hardship of the Syrian refugees, including the refugees in Idlib.

One of ACT’s initiatives for refugees in Idlib is by collaborating with local partners who are currently building flats in the Eastern Syrian city of Al-Dana.

The flats aim to provide a comfortable place to live for the refugees. The flats will have bedrooms, kitchens and sanitary facilities for the refugees. Additionally, the building will also have an office, storehouse, school buildings as well as clinics.

Firdaus Guritno of GHR – ACT hoped that these flats will soon be able to benefit the Syrian refugees. “Hopefully, the construction will finish soon so that the refugees can live in these flats. May this generous initiative be a trigger for us to give more benefits to as many people as possible, both those around us and those live thousands of kilometers away from us,” said Guritno. []

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