Rehabilitation Chair Uplifts Slamet’s Hope

ACT Tegal team accompanies Slamet (12) during his medical treatments and provides special chair for his therapy.

Slamet, accompanied by an ACT Tegal volunteer, trying a special chair for his therapy. (ACTNews / Muhammad Gunawan)

ACTNews, TEGAL – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Tegal provided medical aid to Slamet (12), Tuesday (5/20). The boy suffers from anal atresia, multiple congenital anomaly, and malnutrition. ACT Tegal has been assisting Slamet for five months. With such a condition, Slamet could only lie down in a baby swing hung from the door of his room.

According to the doctors, Slamet’s growth had been stunted because of late medical treatments. Dr. Talitha Retno Kurniawati, Sp.KFR, a specialist who treated Slamet saud that there is still hope to make Slamet self-reliant. He suggested Slamet undergo therapy and use a special chair to train him to sit.

Wasniah, Slamet's mother, was very grateful and hoped that Slamet can begin his therapy. "Slamet looked nervous and uncomfortable when trying to sit on the chair, maybe because it's his first time. I will train and assist him so that he can sit on the chair by himself, "said Wasniah.

ACT Tegal Branch Manager Siswartono has a high hope that Slamet can be more self-reliant. "This is our endeavor so that Slamet can learn how to sit and be more comfortable. Don't forget to pray that the results of our efforts will be as we expect, "Siswartono said. ACT will continue to assist Slamet throughout his therapy sessions. []