Relieving Palestinians' Thirst with Waqf Drinking Water

Waqf Drinking Water was received by hundreds of Palestinians in Zitoon, Gaza City. The mineral water was distributed to help the Palestinians facing water crisis during drought season.

Waqf Drinking Water.
The happiness of Palestinian children receiving Waqf Drinking Water from ACt. (ACtNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Hundreds of bottles of Waqf Drinking Water were distributed to impoverished people in Zitoon, Gaza City. Zitoon is an area with limited access to clean water. Therefore, hundreds of people there were delighted with the distributed drinking water by ACT volunteers.

Said Mukaffiy from ACT’s Global Humanity Response explains that currently, clean water assistance is very needed by the Palestinians since their country with six thousand square kilometers area is facing a severe drought season that causes the need for clean water to be increased multiple times.

“Palestinians urgently need clean water. Water sources are very limited. Even if there is, a water source, the water has a sour taste and is unfit to be consumed," said Said, Friday (8/27/2021).

Furthermore, Mukaffiy explains that the previous Israeli aggression on Gaza also worsens the water source condition in Gaza. almost 50 percent of water pipelines in Gaza were destroyed by Israeli airstrikes that caused approximately 800 thousand people to lost their regular access to their regular water pipes.

In addition to Waqf Drinking Water distribution, in solving the water crisis in Gaza, ACT also provides other programs including Waqf Wells and Humanity Water Tank. 10 thousand liters of water can be pumped per hour through the Waqf Well. Meanwhile, the Humanity Water Tank will distribute the water to each house of the residents.

“Thanks to the support from Generous Benefactors, currently we also build a Lumbung Air Wakaf in Gaza. it is planned to start operating in the following months and provide 100 thousand liters of water that will be distributed to the residents every day,” Mukaffiy concluded.[]