Remembering Mahmoud Al-Hajj Khalil, ACT's Humanitarian Volunteer in Palestine

ACT lost one of its best humanitarian volunteers in Palestine, Mahmoud Al-Hajj Khalil, who passed away on Wednesday (10/27/2021). While on duty, Mahmoud was arrested by Israeli troops. His enthusiasm for conveying the generosity of Indonesia to his Palestinian brothers never wavered.

Mahmoud Al-Hajj Khalil
Mahmoud Al-Hajj Khalil is a volunteer of ACT Palestine. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PALESTINE – Palestinian Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) volunteer Mahmoud Al-Hajj Khalil (25) passed away in an accident, Wednesday (10/17/2021). He has helped every ACT humanitarian action since 2017. Mahmoud has many stories during his tenure.

One of them, when he and his team were distributing ready-to-eat food to beneficiaries, Mahmoud and his team were arrested by Israeli forces. They were detained for eight hours.

The arrest occurred because Mahmoud was deemed to have committed a wrongful act. The investigators who carried out the examination made a fool of Mahmoud and the volunteers.

"They (the Israeli army investigators) cursed us, our mothers and our Muslim brothers and sisters even saying bad things about the Prophet Muhammad,” Mahmoud recalled on one occasion.

After being detained for eight hours, Mahmoud was released. However, the next day they were called again. This summoning lasted nearly eight hours. It hindered Mahmoud's activities as a student.

"I was late for school. At that time, I was in the Mid-Semester Exam," said Mahmoud.

He became a humanitarian volunteer to help many people in need. The purpose of Mahmoud's action was solely for humanity. He did not even know the reason for his arrest.

Said Mukaffiy from ACT's Global Humanity Response team, on behalf of ACT and Generous Friends, expressed condolences for the death of Mahmoud Al-Hajj Khalil. ACT is deeply saddened. According to Mukaffiy, not many people have the courage of Mahmoud. He was willing to take risks for humanitarian action.

“Mahmoud played an important role in ACT's humanitarian action in Palestine. His actions are expected to be an inspiration for the Indonesian people and volunteers so that they are not afraid to take humanitarian actions even though the risks or obstacles are large," said Mukaffiy, Saturday (10/30/2021).[]