Remote Maluku Residents Ready to Welcome Newly Renovated Mosque

The renovation of Al-Amin Mosque, Tanah Merah Hamlet, Waisala Village, Huamual Belakang, Western Seram, has been wished by its local residents. It is because the only mosque in Tanah Merah had never been renovated for the past 40 years with poor condition.

Mosque renovation.
Tanah Merah residents work together to renovate Al-Amin Mosque, which is the only worship center in the area. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WESTERN SERAM  – Al-Amin Mosque that has been established for 41 years without a single renovation is now finally being renovated. The mosque renovation is supported by Masyarakat Relowan Indonesia (MRI), Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), and Kitabisa, while the local residents also work together in its process.

Previously, the mosque which was built by the local’s funds was in poor condition. The foundations and walls have cracked, as well as the pillars that have rotted with age. This situation was feared to be a danger if it’s not being renovated as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the funds collected by residents in a joint venture are not sufficient to start the renovation of the mosque.

“Al-Amin Mosque is the only mosque in our hamlet. There had been no single renovation to this mosque. Alhamdulillah, with ACT’s help, now, our mosque can be renovated. We are truly grateful,” said La Ode Aibi, the Chief Committee of Al-Amin Mosque renovation.

The hindered renovation of Al-Amin Mosque was due to financial difficulties among the residents who mostly are underprivileged. Most of the locals work as farmers and fishermen with uncertain incomes that are only enough to meet their daily needs.

Al-Amin Mosque is also the only religious center in Tanah Merah Hamlet. Apart from prayer, the place is also used for children’s educational activities. However, due to the poor condition of the mosque, the activity is currently moved to a resident’s house.

Now, Tanah Merah residents are ready to welcome their newly renovated mosque. Coordinator of Al-Amin Mosque Renovation, Dodit Banjar explained that by the end of August, the renovation has reached the stage of floor casting. Therefore, it is estimated that the mosque repair will be completed in a short while.[]