Renovating Sanitary Facilities of Taisirul Hikmah Islamic Boarding School After Fire

A fire broke out at Taisirul Hikmah Islamic Boarding School, Bogor Regency, in February. The school lost a few facilities, including sanitary facilities. The students were forced to use water from a small river that was polluted by sewage.

Waqf well
One of the students uses Waqf Well, which has been built at Taisirul Hikmah Islamic Boarding School. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – Since its establishment in 2013, Taisirul Hikmah Islamic Boarding School in Pamagersari Village, Jasinga District, Bogor Regency, has had around 60 students now. Forty of them are local students, and 20 others are from outside the village.

In February 2021, Taisirul Hikmah Islamic Boarding School experienced a fire. Almost all the facilities were damaged, including sanitary facilities for students and teachers.

“The students have to stay in the neighbor's house for a while until the building can be renovated. For bathing and worship, they collect rainwater with buckets or take water from rivers that are not suitable for use,” said Nurul Ramadhan from Global Wakaf-ACT Team.

The small river around the school becomes a place for chicken manure disposal by local chicken sellers and a waste disposal site for canned fish factories. However, teaching and learning activities must continue, and the students were forced to use water from a small river. 

The condition of sanitary facilities after the fire. (ACTNews)

Even before the fire hit, drought was often an obstacle for teaching and learning activities there. "The drought becomes an obstacle when students want to pray because there is no clean water, and students need to queue. Many students are late for congregational prayers,” said Nurul.

To support the students, Global Wakaf-ACT built a Waqf Well for the Taisirul Hikmah Islamic Boarding School. This Waqf Well was completed and inaugurated on Saturday (7/24/2021).

"The construction of the bore well with a depth of more than eighty meters is expected to be a source of water for the students and can boost the spirit of the students to continue to memorize and recite the Quran," said Nurul. He also hopes that Waqf Wells can be an alternative for the surrounding community when the dry season hits.

Ustaz Rahmat Hidayat, a teacher at Islamic boarding school, expressed his gratitude for this Waqf Well. “In the past, our sanitary facilities were poor because we collected water from the river. Many students experienced itching. Now, we have been helped, and we don't need to take water from the river anymore. May Allah give abundant reward for the good deeds of the donors," said Ustaz Rahmat. []