Replacing Burnt Quran Copies in Al-Barokah Boarding School with New Ones

After a fire burned a dormitory in Al-Barokah Islamic Boarding School, the santris have lost many of their belongings including their Quran copies.

Quran Waqf.
The santris who study at Al-Barokah Islamic Boarding School are completely free of charge. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WEST BOGOR – Al-Barokah Islamic Boarding School in Pilar Village, Sibanteng Village, Leuwisadeng District, West Bogor Regency, has just been hit by an accident where fire-scorched one of their dormitory buildings on Thursday (9/9/2021).

The fire, which was allegedly caused by an electrical short circuit, spread quickly scorching the building made of wood and bamboo. Various kinds of students' belongings have also been burned, including their Quran copies which were stored in the room.

The santris Quran copies are burned in their room. (ACTNews)

This incident has caused many difficulties to the santris (students) since most of them are orphans and from underprivileged families. They even learn at the Islamic boarding school free of charge. Currently, Al-Barokah Islamic boarding school which was established in 1989, has 92 students who stay at the dormitory and 12 students who commute from their house to school.

"There's no tuition, it's just a matter of sincerity. Sometimes, some students bring rice or vegetables to be consumed together. The important thing is the students’ willingness to learn," said H. Entong Basuni, Principal of Al-Barokah Islamic Boarding School.

Responding to the situation, Global Wakaf-ACT team was immediately visited the fire location to help the santris. In addition to cleaning up the fire debris, Global Wakaf-ACT team also distributed dozens of new Quran copies to the santris.

H. Entong was very happy with the quick response from Global Wakaf-ACT. “Thank you so much to the benefactors who have cared for us. The incident occurred at noon, then the team immediately observed the location by the evening. The next morning, they have delivered the assistance to us. Their response was very quick. I hope for the benefactors and volunteers to be given continuous sustenance and health,” said H. Entong.[]