Residents Around Sumur Batu Landfill Saddened After Fire Damages Their Houses and Belongings

As Ramadan approaches, the residents of the settlement near the Sumur Batu Landfill have been afflicted by a major disaster. A fire broke out and destroyed their houses and belongings.

sumur batu
The condition of the houses near the Sumur Batu Landfill after the fire. (ACT News)

ACTNews, BEKASI – The fire that broke out last week at the settlement near the Sumur Batu Landfill on Jalan Hj Koan, Ciketing Village, Bantargebang, Bekasi City, has deeply saddened its survivors. The fire destroyed not only houses but also the personal belongings and savings of the scavengers living and working in the area.

As Ramadan nears, they have nothing left, including food. “One of the urgent needs here is food, because this is a daily need. They also need school kits after the fire devoured their houses and clothing. Now, all I think about is how I can get food and school supplies,” said Kasmah, Coordinator of the Public Kitchen.  

The fire destroyed around 50 houses occupied by dozens of scavenger families. From collecting scraps, they could earn IDR50,000 to IDR200,000 a day.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) visited the area last weekend to distribute meal packages from the Umara Group. ACT also invites the community to participate in acts of kindness to support the needy in the blessed month of Ramadan. []