Residents Forced to Worship at Semi-Permanent Village Halls Due to a Lack of Worship Facilities

Residents of Lamayang Village in Simeulue Regency have converted the village hall into a place of worship because they do not yet have a mosque. The village hall is in semi-permanent disrepair, and residents are concerned that it will collapse due to the building's inability to accommodate many worshipers.

Al-Huda Mosque
Congregations pray at the Al-Huda Mosque, which serves as the village hall. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SIMEULUE — Residents frequently use the village hall as a gathering place for meetings and deliberation. Residents in Lamayang Village, Central Simeulue District, Simeulue Regency use the village hall as a mosque. Residents use the village hall as a place of worship due to the lack of a mosque.

The nearest mosque to Lamayang Village is located in Wel Wel Village, which is quite far away and on difficult terrain. Residents of Lamayang must travel through the forest to reach the nearest mosque, and the road is still dirt.

According to Muhammad Ali Hanafiah of the ACT Subulussalam team, residents named the village hall Al-Huda Mosque. Because it is a semi-permanent structure, the condition of the village hall building is already concerning.

"The structure is built on stilts. The plywood is used for the walls and floors. There is no covering wall in the back. If it rains, water enters and wets the mosque room," said Ali on Friday (5/20/2022).

According to Ali, when the mosque was full of worshippers, the floor creaked. The sound indicates that the mosque structure is no longer as solid as it once was. "Congregants are concerned that the mosque will collapse due to the weight," he explained.

Residents have been unable to renovate the village hall, which has been converted into a mosque. The main reason is financial constraints. Self-help is difficult because most residents work as farmers and laborers with uncertain incomes.

"Insha Allah, ACT Subulussalam, in collaboration with benefactors, will work to construct the Al-Huda Mosque, which will include toilet and ablution facilities and adequate prayer kits. All of this cannot be separated from the role of the benefactor," concluded Ali. []