Residents in Gambir Now Have Waqf Well from ACT and Pegadaian Syariah

Humanitarian collaboration again provides goodness. This time, Global Wakaf and Pegadaian Syariah completed Waqf Well and sanitation facilities for the congregation and residents around Al-Ikhlas Mosque, Cideng, Gambir, Central Jakarta.

Al-Ikhlas Mosque
Previous Condition of Al-Ikhlas Mosque, Gambir, Central Jakarta. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CENTRAL JAKARTA – Global Wakaf-ACT Central Jakarta and Pegadaian Syariah (sharia pawnshop) inaugurated Waqf Well complete with sanitation facilities at Al-Ikhlas Mosque, Kampung Tanjung Selor, Cideng Village, Gambir, Central Jakarta in September. This area is one of the slums in Central Jakarta. The majority of residents are small traders and scavengers with impoverished economic conditions.

Al-Ikhlas Mosque is the only prayer room in the area. Every day, residents use it to worship. Amid its crucial existence, the facilities in this prayer room are not suitable for use.

Suyatna, a representative of Pegadaian Syariah, said he was happy with the Waqf Well with sanitation facilities assistance. The donation came from the People's Benevolent Fund program. Pegadaian Syariah decided to collaborate with Global Wakaf to build sanitation facilities.

Alhamdulillah, I am happy with the completion of Waqf Well and sanitation facilities. The location was chosen because it was needed. Insha Allah, Pegadaian Syariah will again collaborate with ACT for other programs," he said.

The residents of Tanjung Selor Village were also happy with the construction of this Waqf Well because they need this Waqf Well assistance. Previously, sanitation facilities in Al-Ikhlas mosque were not suitable to use, and the water source was limited.

Romli Burhanuddin, a committee of Al-Ikhlas Mosque, expressed his gratitude for the Waqf Well and sanitation facilities. Now, they have proper sanitation facilities to support worship activities. “Insha Allah, we will maintain this trust well," he said.[]