Residents in the Outer Area of Bogor Live in Severe Limitations

Located on the border of Bogor and Lebak, surrounded by mountains and forests, the access to Cipadu Hamlet, Cileuksa Village, Sukajaya, Bogor Regency is difficult. Cellular signal barely reaches the area. There is only one school in the hamlet where most of the residents live in poverty.

The aerial view of Cipadu Hamlet, Cileuksa, Sukajaya, Bogor Regency. A home to 150 families, the settlement area is surrounded by mountains. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – In the second week of December, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) visited Cipadu Hamlet that is located within the Bogor Regency area. Previously, the team had met Ade Muqodas, the only school in the hamlet named MI Mathla’ul Anwar on Sunday (11/29) during a meeting with the Sahabat Guru Indonesia Forum. At that time, the team heard the story of the poverty in which the village has been suffering. Two weeks later, ACTNews visited the Cipadu Hamlet.

To get to the hamlet, one must go through Cipanas area in Lebak Regency, Banten. It takes two hours to get to Cipanas from Bogor City. From Cipanas, it takes another 30 to 60-minute journey through the rocky road.

"If you use a car, this is the only way, but If you walk or ride a motorbike, there are other ways, but many of the bridges along the route have been damaged by the natural disasters earlier this year, "said Ade, Friday (12/11).

Cipadu Village is located in the outer region of Bogor Regency adjacent to the Lebak Regency of Banten Province. The hamlet is surrounded by forests and mountains, isolating it from even other hamlets in the same village, such as the Cipandawa Block where the disaster-hit families were relocated earlier this year. To get there from CIpadu, one has to walk for one hour, and cross the river whose water level often rises up when raining.

“When I went to Cipandawa in late November to attend the Sahabat Guru Indonesia forum, I had to take the car route through Cipanas although it took longer to get there. I was scared to go through the other route because it had been raining the previous night. I was also thinking about staying in Cipandawa the day before,” Ade continued.

Also due to the isolated location, cellular signal barely reaches the hamlet. There are only a few spots where one can get proper cellular signal, including in MI Mathla’ul Anwar. However, if the locals have an urgent need to use the internet, they can use WiFi for IDR 3,000 per three hours.

Posyandu Seruni IX is the nearest health facility in Cipadu Village. Unfortunately, this place has not been used for several months. (Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia / Alris Yodi Utama)

Low education and poverty

Of the approximately 150 families in Cipadu, only a few continue their education after graduating from elementary school. There’s only one school available in the area, and that is MI Mathla’ul Anwar. To continue their education, the local residents have to go to Lebak Regency. Ade added that the locals don’t really care about education.

“Most of the children here are elementary school graduates. They don’t continue their education because they usually start working outside the village after graduating from elementary school. They usually come back here to start a family. This cycle will always contunue, "said Ade Muqodas who is one of four teachers at MI Mathla'ul Anwar. He himself is a university graduate that graduated in 2020.

Cipadu villagers commonly work as household assistants or informal workers. Those who stay in the village usually work as motorbike taxi drivers, construction workers, or farmers. They don’t make big money. For food, they rely on local plants that are available. However, still, they need money for various other needs. []